Microlife Home A Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Microlife Home A Blood Pressure Monitor

    With AF Dectection for stroke risk prevention.


    The WatchBP Home A is a WatchBP Home device equipped with an atrial fibrillation detection system. When you are diagnosed with hypertensive and/or having atrial fibrillation the WatchBP Home A(fib) is the best tool to optimize your treatment. When you have atrial fibrillation a physician can decide to prescribe you anti-arrhythmic drugs. These drugs should stop the atrial fibrillation. With the WatchBP home A you can easily verify the working of these drugs, while at the same time monitoring your blood pressure. This can also be used by people simply checking their blood pressure, and can help detect AF in the first place.


    • Screening for AFIB with high accuracy (at 97%~100% sensitivity and 89% specificity) while measuring blood pressure. Easy and convenient to use.
    • Embedded ESH/AHA measurement guidelines lead to accurate home measurement data.
    • Automated data tabulation displays averages for morning, evening and overall measurement.


    Officially Recommended as a useful options for NHS Clinicians by NICE

    • Safety

      Consult your physician before making any medical decisions. 

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